Here Today, Blog Tomorrow!

Oh, hey there! Welcome to my new blog!

So as you may have noticed, the ol’ website’s had a minor face lift recently. And as part of the sprucing up process, I wanted to incorporate a blog into the site. See, I used to have a blogspot site which I updated fairly regularly, but I dropped it a couple years ago in favor of just making my tumblr my main outlet for online work. The blogspot site seemed kind of old fashioned, and tumblr seemed to be where all the action was. The decision just made sense at the time.

Here’s thing though: I kind of missed that old blogspot site, after a point. My tumblr was fine for what it was, but it didn’t lend itself to long posts of text in the same way, or at least not the way I’d been using it. And I missed those posts. I missed being VERBOSE! So I have decided to take some steps to rectify that. My tumblr’s gonna stick around, primarily as a sketch/illustration blog. And I’ll occasionally cross post between here and there. This is where I’ll be writing at length though, and will get into a bit more detail about my work, my process and what have you. So that’s gonna be pretty cool!

Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick post about what this is and what to expect from it in the future. I’ll probably have something a bit more substantial to say shortly down the line. I hope you enjoy this return to an old format as much as I do. And in the meanwhile, here’s a drawing of a lizard guy to tide you over! Everyone likes lizard guys, right? RIGHT??


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